Topic: The Power of Purpose

I’ve committed my life’s work going forward to having our world, our businesses, our country and our communities experience the collective impact of the people, leaders, teams and organizations in them. Each of us is uniquely architected with gifts, passions and motivations that, given the opportunity to serve our purpose, will bring great collective impact in and around us. I welcome the opportunity to work with you and others in pursuit of this mission.

For the entirety of my professional career since business school, I have been leading, facilitating and managing transformational, mission critical change in companies we all know, love and respect.  This has been a blessed and fortunate set of experiences that I highly regard bringing to every mission I take on.  I’ve worked with leaders that were inspired and inspiring.  I’ve worked with some that were there just to collect a check.  I’ve seen organizations thrive.  I’ve seen some barely capable of completing transactions even after having multi-million dollars systems deployed.  I’ve been on teams that perform with symphonic-like coordination and dynamics.  I’ve been on teams charged with business critical projects and team members that wanted nothing to do with each other.