Topic: The Power of Incremental Growth

Chris Robinson is the founder of R3 Coaching, a company dedicated to the development of individuals and businesses. His speaker/leadership training as well as his one-on-one coaching has influenced his client’s trajectory towards success.

Chris is an international speaker and executive coach, who has spoken before crowds as large as 4,500. On a weekly basis, he trains small groups within varied organizations. He has dedicated his life to enhancing others, by speaking/teaching on leadership, personal and professional development.

Chris’s leadership beginnings started while he was a sales representative, for one the largest vehicle services contract service providers in the U.S. Within a five year period, he quickly advanced 4 positions to Senior Sales Manager. He continued to develop his leadership strengths while overcoming his weaknesses by helping to grow the company from a staff of 18 employees to over 700. While experiencing such a tremendous growth and recognizing his impact, he sought greater, for himself, which led to the birth of R3 Coaching.

Chris is a member of the John Maxwell Team faculty, A contributing writer for the FORBES Counsel and a member of the National Speaker Association.